Executive Board

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Counselor Association is governed by an Executive Board. Elections for the Executive Board will be held in the Spring of 2019.



  • Collect all dues and pay bills
  • Keep all financial records
  • Keep MARCA Executive Board updated on individual dues paid
  • Make annual recommendation to the Executive Board regarding membership dues and budget
  • Prepare the Annual Budget to present at the fall membership meeting (August)
  • Be authorized to sign checks (Checking account must list at least 2 executive board offers)
  • Serve as the State’s Registered Agent for the organization
  • File the proper annual paperwork to the the State of Virginia

Membership Chair

  • Serve as the point of contact for individuals interested in MARCA membership
  • Maintain the membership database
  • Collect membership forms and record said information
  • Update website and web communication
  • Oversee all MARCA publication needs
  • Other responsibilities as the position is defined

Regional Vice Presidents 

  • Act as point of contact for local secondary school counselors in their assigned region
  • Report to the Executive Board on a monthly basis about the happenings in the region
  • Plan and execute events in their region
  • Assign committee members to assist with events
  • Other responsibilities as the position is defined or needed in the specific territory
  • The organization will retain positions for the following regions:
    • Maryland and the District of Columbia
    • Virginia
    • Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware
    • Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia